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I am bored

I will probably always be at work while writing. I have plenty of time to kill. I could use a few more websites other than Kingdom Of Loathing, Post Secret, and LiveJournal. Oh well. I see many different breeds of people while working downtown. My job is people watching heaven. I deal with a fair share of Suits & Ties, as well as the vagrant bums who try to sell newspapers for money. They get 50 cents on the dollar. It really is a good gig. It gives them pocket cash, a chance to build a resume, and work to put on a low-income-housing application. Annoying never-the-less. However many meatheads and shitforbrains I deal with on a daily basis, it always offends me when people refer to others as 'weird'. Perhaps it is because I am weird. Perhaps its not. Bothersome.

A 14.5 hour day.
7am until 930 pm.
It is 335 right now. I am halfway through. More than.

What a beautiful day. I am not fairing well with my workday. I do not want to work. I do not want to be here. Only a few more days and then I have an entire (non-paid) week off!!! Hopefully it will be sunny and warm and sunny and all of the snow in the alley will be melted.

I can tell when tenants in this building live in suburbia. They say all the snow has melted and their cars are always shiny. Good luck with that in the city. Urban dwellers do not have luxuries of even streets that are always plowed. Off street parking is rare let alone a garage. These people have become so spoiled they don't even realize it anymore.

I am bored. Bored bored bored. And tired. And I just want to go play outside with my puppies. But I am stuck. At work. As always.
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