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Hello Live Journal! You old friend you :)

So I always have Live Journal at the top of my bookmarks, and in the back of my mind, but rarely do I ever get the gumption to actually log in and type away.  Seems like I have gone from posting twice a day every day (like 15 years ago! *crazy) to once every 6 months.  It is okay though.  My paper journal is equally as ignored.  And I haven't read a novel in absolutely forever.

So reading through the last year's worth of entries (haha, okay, the last three entries)  I wanted to take a moment and update a few things....

Even though I haven't put aside the time and patience to fixing the sewing machine, Lynore (the pooch) finally has a comfy store bought bed.  Not that this stops her from sleeping where she pleases, it at least gives us a good reason to kick her not-small butt out of bed at night lol....

The rug I was hand making still has plenty of materials in a bag in a spare closet, but the parts I already constructed look pretty damned cool underneath houseplants and such.  Nice nice :)

Fence still hasn't been mended.  Hopefully this next year.  It NEEDS some serious tlc or else it won't last much longer.

Christopher surprised me with hotels for Kolleen's wedding.  While we almost missed it, and changed in the parking lot, it was nice to see her on her wedding day.  Gosh I love that girl.  And in a few months she will be a mommy!!  crazy!

So the vacation time I took for her wedding I ended up having to come back into work early.  I think it solidified that I need a new job that week.  This place is toxic.  I cashed in my last vacation week and ended up getting new tires with the money.  Silly!!  My tires cost more than my car!! :)

During the trip to visit Kolleen we checked New Jersey and NYC off the list of New England states to visit.  So that was nice.  Lots of driving.

And I also got a map of the USA, figured I should explore my 'home' a bit while the pets are still with me before I end up looking the world in the face.

Saw Rancid in September, so that marks kick ass live musika off the list.... See ya in the pit! :)  hahaha

And we went to the Ohio State Reformatory the place where they shot the movie Shawshank Redemption, so that was a nice Ohio Adventure :)

So it is almost 2014 and I plan to start the new year off with a bang :)
January 3rd will be my last day as a Security Supervisor at 88 East Broad Street.  My new years resolution is to get my life back.  To have time on my side.  To no longer spend my life working, to work in order to support a life.  I know every job has it's trials and tribulations, but this is long long long over due.

To write again.
Hang out with the dog.

I know it sounds silly, but this step I hope to help expand a road to solace.  88 East Broad street has stripped me of my 20's and my individuality.  2014 I will reclaim myself within myself.  Do some personal inventory.  Have myself back and be free to be myself.

Hopefully all will be well :)

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